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ano ang tunay na mukha ng pag-ibig?

i allowed myself to be fooled once more with gma's newest show, "bakekang".

it's still the typical filipino soap opera, with the "inaapi" and the "kontrabidas" left and right. i wasn't expecting something fancy, but the casting crew did a good job of picking sunshine dizon as the lead role. whenever she's under the humongous nose and chiseled teeth, it's a whole new and different sunshine dizon. i won't be suprised if she got an award for her role in bakekang.

i do have a problem with jay manalo as christoff/kristoff/ christoph. victor neri is more handsome than jay manalo. jay manalo has pink lips. i like jay manalo better when he had his face altered to an ugly man. ahaha.

more or less i know the plot to the story already, having seen the first episode and the big billboards in gma kamuning. i know that bakekang will have two children, one is yasmien kurdi (who'll have the same nose as her mother) and lovi poe (who'll become a superstar because of her beauty). bakekang will become a stage mother to lovi and will treat her as a revenge to those who are mocking her ugliness. i'll find out through commercials who'll be the father of these two ladies.

no need to watch the next episodes, it'll be the tarayan, water splashing, hair pulling type of drama. unless you're really bored, watch bakekang instead of smallville, este, captain barbell (with all the fake muscles).

ps. notice captain barbell's costume (somewhere in the armpit part), it's ripped.
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